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2012 Buick

Enclave Premium

Price: $43,005

You Save: $6,775

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2012 Hyundai

Genesis 4.6L

Price: $38,552

You Save: $6,983

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2012 Chevrolet

Traverse LT

Price: $40,251

You Save: $5,904

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2012 Chevrolet

Cruze LT

Price: $17,368

You Save: $3,472

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2012 Chevrolet

Sonic LT

Price: $15,325

You Save: $2,700

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2012 Hyundai

Sonata Hybrid

Price: $24,020

You Save: $4,400

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Titus-Will Speedy Lube

5000-Mile oil changes in 15-Minutes or less!

  • Wait in your vehicle!
  • No appointment necessary!
  • FREE Car Wash Voucher!
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Our brand-new Speedy Lube facility is so easy and so fast, you don’t even need an appointment! Just drive in and we’ll change your oil in less than fifteen minutes while you wait in your vehicle.

We offer competitive fixed rates and manageable payments. Our loan approval process is simple and quick. If you are in need of a car loan for a new or used vehicle contact Titus-Will Cars today and get pre-approved.

Speedy Lube
  • 5000-Mile Oil Changes
  • 15-Minutes or Less
  • Wait in Your Vehicle
  • No Appointment Necessary
  • Free Car Wash Voucher

Speedy Lube service center performs oil changes, tire rotations, air filter replacement, light bulb replacement, and windsheild wiper insert replacement.

Our factory-certified technicians will:

  • Change the oil with up to five (5) quarts of quality synthetic-blend motor oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Visually Inspect:
    • antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
    • engine air filtration system
    • serpentine belts
    • brake fluid level in transparent reservoirs
    • wiper blades
    • exterior lights
  • Clean exterior of windows
  • Lubricate the chassis (when applicable)
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check and top off the following fluids:
    • transmission/transaxle fluids
    • differential fluid
    • power steering fluid
    • windshield washer fluid

BONUS! You will also receive free top-offs on motor oil and any or all of these five vital fluids between service visits for up to 5,000 miles.

COMPARISON CHART Titus-Will Quick Lube Dealers
5000-Mile Oil Changes STANDARD Yes No
Synthetic Blend Oil STANDARD Yes No
Factory Trained Technicians Yes No
Factory Warranty Repair Yes No
ASE Certified Yes No
Recall Repair Yes No
Factory Diagnostic Computers Yes No
Certified Factory Parts Yes No
Free Car Wash Voucher Yes No
AAA Endorsement Yes No
Gourmet Coffee Yes No
Satellite TV Yes No